Location, Location, Location - a Bitbucket add-on

What is this?

Location, Location, Location a.k.a pow(Location, 3) is a utility add-on that creates dummy webItems, webPanels and pages in all available extension locations in Bitbucket.

An aspiring add-on developer can use it to discover which bits of the Bitbucket UI their add-on can modify, and what context parameters are supported in each location.

Watch the video below for a quick guide on how it works:

Note, this is a personal add-on. The dummy webItems, webPanels and pages will only be visible to the user who installed the add-on.


Install the add-on using the button below, then browse around the Bitbucket UI to discover add-on module locations.

Install Location, Location, Location

Additional info

The add-on source code is available on Bitbucket.